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We provide skin-healthy cosmetics and are passionate when selecting quality trendy ingredients like Vitamin C & CBD oils. Vitamin C, when paired with other skin-healthy ingredients, can heal skin & limit skin damage. Our other star ingredient is CBD oil. We selected Full and Isolate CBD Oils to give a variation of strength for all skin types. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with another oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. Some scientific studies shows data that CBD can ease pain and anxiety. However, CBD is not psychoactive which means it does not alter your brain to feel like you are what is called "getting high" when using our products. We have tested our products at a third party lab to ensure ChelseaLEE's CBD Cosmetics does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is associated with marijuana. Finally, our products are kid friendly.


Our Relief Balm contains 500mg of CBD oil. It's strongest from our product line because we wanted to make sure we are adding enough potency to sooth pain but also create it for all skin types. It immediately melts into your skin and is fast acting pain relief for most stubborn aches and pains. We've included Shea-butter and coconut oil blended together with some of our signature ingredients to make our Relief Balm feel luxurious and smell great too. We also added Hemp Seed oil and Hemp oil, which are extracted from the plant's seeds. ChelseaLEE CBD Relief Balm is one of our best sellers.


Our Body DREAM Butter is one of our newest products that absorbs to skin very silky, smooth and rich to make your skin feel magical. Wrap your body in our CBD body DREAM Butter, crafted with Shea-Butter, Coconut oil, grape seed oil and Vitamin E with a hint of Jasmine and Orange Peel oils for a natural fresh scent. Our butter deeply moisturizes your skin and repairs cracked, dry skin leaving your skin feeling new again. 

Pair the Body DREAM Butter with ChelseaLEE's Vitamin C Serum. It can applied to the face, neck, hands or any part of your body as a topical use. This serum can best used on a clean damp face. Our Vitamin C Serum includes 100mg CBD oil. It promotes skin brightening, dark spot reduction, toning and anti-aging. Vitamin C combined with Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, and other fruit oils allows your skin to grow into natural glowing skin. Our Vitamin C Serum penetrates deeply in the skin to increase cell protection and skin elasticity. 


Our products are 3rd party manufactured & tested, clean & cruelty-free.

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Our Approach

Our credo is to provide skin-healthy cosmetics. We are passionate when selecting high-quality & trendy ingredients.  Our products are all natural and we considered the environment when developing our product line. You should choose our brand because our brand is honest and because of our loyalty to customers.